Controlling Ableton Device Knobs with a Launchpad X

Controlling Ableton Device Knobs with a Launchpad X

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I was working on my workflow and wanted to add the ability to turn knobs from my launchpad X. I have my M-Audio Hammer88 Pro next to me and was wanting to play around with the knobs. I wanted to just turn the knobs with my darn Launchpad X, and figured I’d try to set that up. I found a reddit post that covered it, so I’ll share my experience here.

Create Custom Mode

Access and create a New Custom mode. This custom mode contains 8 Vertical Unipolar Faders. It should look something like this:


I set my MIDI Channel to 2 for each Fader and used CC 7-14. This is just incase I was using Channel 1 for anything else.

You can download a copy of this custom mode here.


Create Control Surface Script

I will include what I did and what worked for me, if you are following along you may need to tweak things here.

  • Open up "C:\Users\Andrew\AppData\Roaming\Ableton\Live 11.1.6\Preferences\User Remote Scripts\”
  • Create a Folder in this directory. Name the folder after what you want the device to be named. I am going to use the name LPXDevices

  • Copy (not move) the UserConfiguration.txt into that folder
  • Set the GlobalChannel to the MIDI channel that you selected. I chose Channel 2
  • Next, map the Encoder to the CC number that you selected earlier. I went with 7-14.
  • image

Now, save the file or just download the one my copy.


Ableton MIDI Setup

The last thing to do is to setup the device in Ableton MIDI prefences.


LPXDevices will be the name of the folder that was created earlier.


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